June 2019 Recital

June 2019 Recital

Kim has been teaching our two girls for one year.  Kim brings energy and enjoyment to each lesson and pushes the kids to do the song correctly, yet placing some of themselves in each song.  By making the song more than a song, you will not become bored with the piece and you will actually enjoy playing the piece to people outside of the family.  From a parent's point of view and as someone who listens to the lessons, I like how Kim say “don’t forget your claws” or “the weight is from the arms, not your wrist”.   Proper technique is something more than said, it is enforced.  Kim is a nice role model for a music teacher, always welcoming with a smile and sends the kids off in a smile.  Like I say to the kids when we are jamming, “She is taking you to the next level”.   ~ Warren H.~


My 7 year old daughter takes piano from Kim, and I am so impressed with her progress in just her second year. Her technique, and drive for perfection is inspired by Kim's passion for music. I love sitting and listening to the two of them interact and how encouraging and positive Kim is with her. With Kim as her teacher I see the love of music growing in my child everyday!   ~Shinnel D.~


My kids say Kim is the best piano teacher they've had, and I couldn't agree more. She is friendly, encouraging, and so talented. She ensured the kids were well prepared for their piano exams and they did well. But my favourite part about Kim is that she always has something positive to say about your child's playing each week. One time in particular comes to mind where my son made a mess of his song, and she complimented him on his ability to make it up as he went along vs just starting over. ~ Alison R.~


Kim teaches piano to my 5 Year old son, and she is so wonderful. She has so much talent and patience and my son just loves her. She makes piano lessons fun, and explains concepts in a way that is easy for a child to understand. She pushes my son to excel, but does it in an encouraging manner. I would recommend Kim at North Peace Piano to anyone! ~Bonnie C.~


I highly recommend Kimberly- North Peace Piano for piano and voice lessons. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her lessons and it is simply amazing to see how much progress she has made in just one year. My daughter and I truly appreciate Kimberly's kind, confident and enthusiastic disposition. She has truly captured my daughter's passion for music and given her the confidence to explore it further!!!  ~Tara T.~


My 9 year old daughter, Raluca , takes private piano lessons with Kimberly and she is enjoying every minute of it. Kimberly is a knowledgeable, energetic and a fun teacher who teaches great techniques and at the same time shares her passion for music. She is extremely professional, patient and responsive yet warm in her communication style. Great piano teacher. I highly recommend Kimberly - North Peace Piano to any one who has always wanted to learn piano.  ~Corina B.~


Once in a long while, your path is crossed by someone who makes a positive impact on your life. Present that person who influences my life is my Piano Teacher, Kim Wong. I am a senior adult of 71 years who got a Christmas present of piano lessons this past year. I found Kim on Kijiji and set up a lesson schedule with her. My experience has been a positive experience. Since starting lessons this past January, Kim has helped me on my way to playing piano. She has helped with my sight-reading, timing, finger positions, and confidence. Kim is patient, inspiring, and has many ways in helping getting over difficulties and road blocks. Kim inspired me enough to participate in the Parkland Music Festival this March, which I did well in. I would recommend Kim's piano teaching to anyone of any age.                   ~ Duane S.~


Kimberly has been an excellent teacher for our daughter, age 10.  We have noticed significant growth in our daughter's command of technical skills (scales, triads), playing technique (love the "magic O's!"), and her ability to play by ear (including transposition of songs she knows).  At a recent music festival, our daughter was a scholarship winner in her category and was complimented on her technique and attention to performance details.  Most importantly, our daughter loves the time she spends in lessons and looks forward to seeing Kimberly each week.  Thank you, Kim!  ~Erin & Trevor I.~

My son, Joshua, is really enjoying lessons! Even though he’s shy, he seems to have connected with his teacher, Cat! He comes home immediately from lessons and wants to show is what he knows on his keyboard! He’s pretty proud that he’s learned 3 songs since beginning!! ~Kailey S.M.~

My son has only been attending Kim's studio for few months and he has already shown huge improvements in all areas. Kim is a great teacher with tons of experience and is great with kids. My son loves to attend Kim's studio and looks forward to the recitals that Kim sets up which help to build up confidence :)             ~ Dan P.~


I am just amazed that my 11 year old daughter has been able to perform without any music sheets and just by memory. Kim is an amazing piano teacher & I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks Kim   ~Jackie D.~

My daughter, Nia, is thoroughly enjoying her lessons with her teacher, Cat. She is patient, has a good sense of humor and teach in a manner in which Nia understands.  I also appreciate how she corrects Nia's mistakes in a gentle manner. ~Diana M.~

Kimberly makes learning piano fun and exciting. I have 2 girls that have been taking lessons for a few months and really enjoy their time. Learning is always easier when you are having fun.  ~ Jason B.~


My 8 year old daughter has been taking lessons for a few months with Kimberly.  Being completely new to it she enjoys her lessons and finds that Kimberly explains everything in a way that's easy to understand and makes her feel completely comfortable with learning!  We would highly recommend Kimberly to anyone looking for a piano teacher.  ~ Kelly L.~


Kim is a truly dedicated and knowledgeable piano teacher. She not only teaches my daughter the piano techniques, but also gives her confidence and motivation to pursue more in music. Kim is always patient, observant, detailed, kind, creative, and gives thorough explanations and demonstrations so my daughter can really understand piano playing in a simple logical manner. Thank you Kim. ~Sally T.~


Our son has only recently started piano but he thoroughly enjoys his piano lessons and sharing what he has learned. Ms. Kim is a caring teacher who fosters a love of music and piano in her students. She is a very patient, kind, creative and supportive teacher. She has made learning piano fun and interesting for our son. We look forward to all that he will learn this year.   ~ Reanne P. ~


Kim has been a great inspiration in my musical journey, she is very patient with me and guides me through piano technique and the science of Musical Theory. Kim, Thank you for your tireless efforts in building my musical foundation and your devotion to Musical Excellence. ~Duane S.~


My 8 year old daughter loves her teacher, Kalaila! She is learning so much in her first year of piano lessons, and having such a wonderful experience. ~Edlyn M.~

I highly recommend Kimberly- North Peace Piano for piano and voice lessons. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her lessons and it is simply amazing to see how much progress she has made in just one year. My daughter and I truly appreciate Kimberly's kind, confident and enthusiastic disposition. She has truly captured my daughter's passion for music and given her the confidence to explore it further!!! ~Tara T.~

Music Fun Time is an engaging, interactive class that teaches the children movements, rhythm, and actions through a variety of songs and instruments- both those the children can play themselves, and the ones played by Kim.  The children are singing about colours, animal sounds, emotions, and more, all while having fun and exploring different ways of making music.  The children in my day home range from 18 months to 3 years, and Kim has tailored it to fit with their developmental stage.  We look forward every week to Kim’s visit!  ~Kalena F.~


Sydney seems to have a great time in the videos from music class. When I tell her she has music lessons that day she is so excited to go see Kim. She loves to sing and dance and this is a great way to have it incorporated into her day home experience.  ~ Tiffany R.~


Jessica loves to dance, so naturally, she has loved the music fun time activity at the day home! She comes home and shows me her new dance moves, and it's so cute. It's amazing what they can learn at such a young age, and she has learnt so much already in just a few weeks! Thanks again for taking the time to spend with these girls and giving them this fun activity to do every week. ~Amy H.~

I have my 4 year old daughter seeing Kelaila! Kelaila is so patient, easy going, energetic and just the perfect fit for her! Thank you Kimberly for the great match up to our needs 😊 ~ Tamara A.~

Our daughter has been attending a class (Music Fun Time) with Kim for about 6 weeks now and LOVES it. She is learning all sorts of new dance moves and songs. Kim, gets them involved using shakers and/or scarves and our daughter really enjoy this. Kim, is great with the kids and they enjoy having her come once a week. ~ Traci Y.~

 I highly recommend Kim. I had her in my home to do music classes with my day home and the kids absolutely loved it! ~ Samantha S.B.~



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