Pirates Theme - the top-requested Fun Song of all time by our students

“Fun Songs”

(requested by our students, outside of their syllabus) are our favourite things to teach! It’s all about these! After all, music should, first and foremost, be fun! =) We pick fun songs in the next level for them because we know they’ll do it! ;) (Eg. Hate counting out loud? Don’t want to learn different chord inversions?… Don’t want to sight read…?! They’ll do it for the fun song!!!) Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the top-requested from students at our studio (along with the Mario Theme), so I’ve looked for music for this one in all levels. A few months ago, I came across this version, and thought… “This looks like a fun time…!” This grown-up fun song is intense, and is every bit as challenging (technically and artistically) as the ARCT pieces, possibly more. But like anyone, I HAD to do what it takes to do it!!! ;) I made it a goal and learned it to play at our year-end student recital!